Suddenly, I swallowed dumplings with my eyes wide open, while I was sleeping soundly! From the periphery, the tornado and Gangfeng unexpectedly flew to the wind, and a female scorpion swallowed the dumplings! It’s a figure, but it’s not like this. The sleeping eyes swallow the dumplings. It’s strong and powerful. The neck is slender and the curve is smooth. The green mane is flying in the wind. The eyes are as shiny as a phoenix!

The territory was suddenly invaded, and the sleeping male swallowed the dumplings and suddenly opened his eyes and looked angrily at the uninvited guests.
But when it saw the green-bearded female scorpion swallowing the dumpling, it suddenly tightened its eyes and then showed its eyes like fire!
The male salamander swallows the dumplings, moving his magnificent body and flying away with a huge head.
"Hum ~!" It sounds like a bull’s call from the mouth of a male salamander swallowing a dumpling, and it seems to show its mighty strength and summon a female salamander to swallow a dumpling.
The green beard swallows the sky dumpling, and when it sees it, it stops flying, and sometimes it flies near and sometimes it rises against the wind! It’s unbearable to swallow the dumplings with a green beard and eyes, and to work harder to show their majestic and powerful side, and to make bursts of yelling from time to time
While the pale bearded dumpling was immersed in the original dream of desire, there was a man in a brown gown slowly approaching behind it on one side of this huge suspended rock.
The male left hand is holding an index finger, and the thick sandalwood sandalwood is no more than a foot long. Sparks are booming, and strange smoke is constantly haunting the male, while the male right hand is holding a flashing cold mountain sword and approaching behind the dumpling.
This man is the young master of your family, Junshan, and a wick of sandalwood in his hand is the unique thing of your family’s secret refining-forgetting the demon incense.
Forget the demon fragrance, but you can hide the scent of the fragrance holder in front of the monster beast. Once you get too close to the monster beast and the fragrance holder releases spiritual power to fluctuate, the fragrance hiding effect will instantly collapse. This thing is more than avoiding the powerful monster beast or attacking the monster beast.
It is precisely because of this secret technique that your family has settled down in the monster beast, but because of the monster beast’s harassment, this time the demon master married the fairy goddess in the heavenly palace. Your family not only sent the elders who are good at taking pictures of the demon blue and white, but also brought the fragrance of forgetting the demon. It can be said that Zhou is bound to be proud.
At this moment, Junshan’s hand is forgetting the demon incense, and he is slowly approaching behind the demon illusion of the blue-and-white elders.
Looking at the eye, the snake-shaped inscription on the foot keeps flying, and the blue-and-white long Laojunshan looks back and looks at the dumpling that is still in the dark or "an affair" from heaven.
Junshan knows that Elder Blue and White has taken witchcraft, and your family is unique. It is estimated that at the moment, in the eyes of the scorpion, the scorpion is swallowing the sky dumpling, and it is constantly moving to take witchcraft. Elder Blue and White is already a’ curve seductive’ heterosexual scorpion swallowing the sky dumpling.
Elder Blue-and-White’s sorcery can confuse the demon master, but it’s only for the time being. Before the sorcery is solved, it will be hit hard if you don’t take precautions. The strength of this kind of sorcery will be much worse than that of the first two people.
At this time, the scorpion swallowing the sky dumpling is immersed in the sorcery of the blue and white elders. It can be said that I can’t extricate myself. I can’t help but look at the curve and soar in the wind. The green scorpion swallowing the sky dumpling is unbearable! However, whether it shows its glory or not, the female can swallow the dumplings with her eyes at arm’s length, which seems to intentionally keep her appetite.
You can hear from its more ordinary roar that it is already a little restless! The king and beasts at the southern foot of the green hill are afraid of the Lord, and they don’t want to wait for it to keep out the wind and hunt in the storm for nine days.
As low as a cow’s crow, the roar of the beast keeps ringing from its throat. The original desire is driving it to move its posture and bring up bursts of Gangfeng to split the rocks in all directions and want to keep out the wind!
"Hey!" But just as the eyes swallow the dumplings and the head is about to rise, a loud sword sound suddenly rings!
The sword is marked with spiritual strength, but it has suddenly appeared in the back four directions!
Junshan saw the opportunity and sacrificed the giant peak sword in his hand. He forgot the demon incense and showed his body shape. He swallowed the dumpling at a close distance and went away, while drinking "Giant Peak Sword Forest!"
Drink the long sword that has worn through the layers and forgotten the demon fragrance and smoke, and the small sword will suddenly converge like a mountain and Yue Jufeng will be overwhelmed with dumplings immersed in the’ dream’!
A few fluorescent swords are like arrows and rain all over the sky, which instantly cover and shoot at the scorpion swallowing the sky, and the gold and iron strike at the scorpion swallowing the sky, and the silver scales keep ringing!
"ho ~!" The tingling sensation will wake up from the’ dream’ when you are about to rise against the wind and swallow the dumpling with your eyes!
But before turning its huge head to see who dares to sneak up on it
See a sword didn’t stop a recruit and junshan has waved the shining golden light iron fist with pale mastiff phantom to swallow Tian Jiao head brazenly boom!
"bang!" The thunderous explosion suddenly sounded!
The giant body that just rose against the wind should be smashed back into the depression of the boulder to stir up the scattered gravel!
Looking at his own strength, the body was still entangled in the scorpion swallowing the sky, and the eyebrows of the dumpling Junshan were suddenly wrinkled, and the golden inscriptions on it were all over the body.
But when he saw the squint swallowing the dumpling, which slowly lifted its head and cracked the wound, it was constantly covered with crimson blood!
Junshan smiled and looked at the beast owner at the southern foot of Qingqing Mountain. His own punch was also badly hurt. He smiled more than carefree!
But the squids swallow the dumplings at the moment, but they are surprised and angry. They didn’t expect a human to sneak into their territory and they didn’t know it! The most hateful thing is that this hateful human dare to sneak up on it and ruin it!
The swallow-eyed dumpling is furious, and it cries in the sky, vowing to tear up this despicable human in front of it, let this small human know that the beast master is powerful, and let the swallow-eyed dumpling behind him see his prestige.
Obviously, I don’t know that I’ve been enchanted by the blue and white elders until now, and the one behind me is my own kind!
"Hey ~!" Lei Yin is like a bolt from the blue, suddenly ringing in the middle!
Elder Blue and White swallowed Tian Jiao with his eyes, and roared at Jun Mountain. Suddenly, Jiao shouted, "Little Master, do it!"
The dumpling whip that didn’t fall into her hand has turned into a three-foot-long green dumpling phantom, and it’s coming to swallow the dumpling with its eyes!
As soon as Elder Blue and White took the sorcery, the prototype appeared in the eyes of the giant salamander swallowing the sky dumpling! When I looked back, I saw that my dream was broken, and I suddenly realized that I was fooled by these two hateful humans!
But at this time, I can wake up and swallow the dumplings. Obviously, I have fallen into a disadvantage. The green dumpling phantom from the blue-and-white elders has wrapped it around and is constantly biting my neck and bringing up bloody scales.
And junshan is living, and the golden fist is roaring and furious, and it is inseparable to fight together.
The sneak attack from Junshan is just a few breaths. However, when it’s just a few breaths, it’s hard to prevent the scorpion from swallowing the dumplings, and it’s always in a passive position.
After all, it is a fourth-order demon Lord, comparable to the initial strength of the Temple. Although it was attacked by two people for a while, its strength remains the same!
Seeing it without looking at it, it came to Junshan again by surprise. It was a crack in the mouth, and it roared and roared with a strong wind blade, and it continued to harass the blue and white elders in the middle.
Don’t ask, don’t swallow Tian Jiao’s hatred for the blue and white elders has gone far beyond Junshan.
Junshan, when he saw the eye swallow the dumpling, he went far and near and attacked the blue and white elder! He knew that the opportunity was rare, and his strength was even more reserved. He poured it into his fist and once again bombarded the giant head with blood dripping from Tian Jiao!
"Boom!" A loud noise! Junshan actually rolled back and smashed the dust!
At this moment, the blue-and-white elder is dancing the dumpling bone whip, bringing up the green light with the inscription, and it is very difficult to vent the swallowing dumpling and the wind blade barely blocks it! She knew that if it weren’t for this swallowing day dumpling, it was estimated that she had been buried with this wind blade at the moment.
Smelling the huge rocks, the blue-and-white elder just happened to see that it was tumbling down Junshan. She suddenly exclaimed, "Young Master …!"
But don’t wait to exclaim that the dumpling has broken away from the green dumpling phantom and turned to Junshan not far away. "Damn human beings! Die! Hey ~! "
Angry and angry! Waves are like the wind, and the wind is like the wind. In an instant, the sharp blade waves roared and cut away at the place where Junshan fell!
Seeing this blue-and-white leader, she did not hesitate. She had danced the dumpling bone whip, brought up the whip shadow of Daodao inscription, and rushed towards the scorpion to swallow the dumpling. Obviously, it was to prevent the scorpion from swallowing the dumpling and killing the young master.
But is the tide of swallowing the sky and the wind blade waiting fast? Is it that Elder Blue and White can be stopped in hindsight?
Seeing the wind blade wave will roar and tear up the place where Junshan is located! Elder Blue-and-White is even more reserved to urge the spiritual force to come to the rescue!
But at this time, a great anger roared from Junshan’s falling rock pit! At that moment, the phantom of the golden armor and pale mastiff roared out and roared at the wave of wind blade that was vented and went away!
The roar of the golden beast resounded through the phantom wind blade wave of the long golden armor Tibetan mastiff, and then it was revealed that the man was covered in scars!
Junshan silver teeth clenched and drank "evil animals ~ die!"
As soon as the golden fist came out of Junshan, it had already dispersed the remaining few wind blades, and roared and bombarded the head of the scorpion swallowing the sky dumpling!
"bang ~ bang!" There seems to be a shocking bone crack sound in the boxing bombardment!
When the squids swallow Tianjiao, the skull is shattered by lightning, and the blood is instantly ejected with its huge body, and then it falls into the dust in the hanging stone basin!
Elder Blue and White hurried to the panting Junshan, took out Dan medicine and urged, "Be quick with less."