If it’s just a little cause and effect, it’s really nothing to Tai Yi.

But now his breakthrough is precisely the end of all causal pursuits. If he rashly interferes with the fate of others at one time, it will definitely have an unknown impact on his breakthrough.
What’s more, the robbery of Taiyi is also helping the Ten Demons, so they have to bear part of the doom, which will increase their own doom and cause accidents and dangers.
The move by Suotaiyi Di Jun seems abnormal.
In terms of their strength, it is impossible to get rid of the robbery of the whole demon family, but some demon gods can still get rid of robbery.
But they didn’t do this, but the demon god fell into robbery, which is why they are worried about this.
It’s just that there are many crises in robbing the protagonist. If you help Du Jie again, it’s really hopeless.
"Big Brother, they are all the best among the demon gods. If I help them to take that key and make it a quasi-holy fruit."
"Then the chances of winning the final battle of the witch clan in the future will be much greater."
In this matter, Taiyi also has his own plans. These ten demons are all close to the quasi-sacred land. It is the lack of some opportunities that leads to the slow breakthrough of the law.
Today, he helps the mood to rise and fall. If you can meditate, you will get something, and you may not be able to take that key step.
Even if one of these ten demons breaks through to the quasi-holy realm, it is inconceivable that the demon race will bring about changes.
Although it is the same as the realm of Luo Jinxian, the gap between quasi-San Luo Jinxian is far from the same, such as heaven and earth
What if there are twelve quasi-saints in the demon race and they have to be afraid of the witch race?
"It’s also a matter of time, arrival. Everything will change. What is always impossible may become possible. No one can see through fate."
Di Jun’s eyes flashed a wisp of off some melancholy.
Reading robbery
But it’s not necessarily robbery!
But that’s robbery
It’s a great opportunity to spend it.
Don’t you see that only experts in quantity robbery will emerge one after another?
At that time, the heaven and the earth were lucky with bee pupae, and the law of avenue was extremely active. I wonder how many masters took advantage of the chaos to make great achievements that they could not imagine at ordinary times.
Since the quantity robbery broke out, there will be a few days of arrogance and competition.
This is a bright era. Although there will be countless masters falling, there will also be countless newcomers rising.
Whether to continue to be brilliant or fly ash depends on personal opportunities, such as whether you can seize that glimmer of good luck
"Brother Taiyi said that the ten demons were really extraordinary. If they were born early for a while, they might not be able to wait for us."
Aside Fuxi also said
Bai Ze’s ten demon talents are really good, but he was born late and didn’t catch up with the Taoist sermon, which led to the fact that he still hesitated to become a quasi-saint
Otherwise, there will be several more great avatar in the wild.
Bai Ze was born by adhering to the Tao of wisdom. He is known as the first wise man of the demon race. Of course, this title may be exaggerated, but he is indeed the first wise man except the quasi-saint of the demon race
There is a great chance that this kind of character will become a quasi-saint.
The underworld suddenly appeared a large group of palaces at the foot of the Yin Mountain when the divine light dispersed.
The palace is layered with inexplicable charm, and the whole body is shrouded in yin, just like being hidden in black fog.
Moreover, the heaven is sacred and different, and the palace of the Yin court is black, revealing a sense of solemnity.
"good! Ok! Good! "