Alvin Wong turned his head a few times like a top, and when he stopped, he put his hand over his mouth and said, "Don’t you dare to beat the old man and make you prostrate!"

"I always let you get around!" Hou Jun hey hey smile and slap Alvin Wong face a red teeth also spit out a few.
Alvin Wong also wants to curse his elder brother Xin Wang, who came here in a hurry. He has a calm personality. At first sight, more than a dozen people dressed in armor are soldiers. Suddenly, his heart suddenly swelled. He hurried ahead and said with smile apologetically, "This military brother has drunk too much, and he is an adult. Don’t forget that the villain has spared him!"
Hou Jun looked at him coldly. "I heard that this mansion is for you to seize others? “
"Which have army ye this is wronged me! "Wang Xinlian said, hunched over and walked over, and his hand slipped and two diaoqian slipped." Jun Ye took it for a drink first, and then he prepared something for you later! “
Hou Jun narrowed his eyes. This person is a crafty person. He coldly blocked Xin Wang’s hand. "Don’t come here. I ask you what the Wangs left there? “
"What is it? "Xin Wang said.
"A carpenter’s box full of tools" Hou Jun said slowly and gave him a leisurely look. Xin Wang’s eyes turned, but what jewels were there? He knew that Wang Xiaolian’s grandfather was a general in Xiliang, but unfortunately he had a daughter who was injured in the battlefield and could not bear children from then on.
Although his daughter married a carpenter, he didn’t like it in his heart, but his daughter was pregnant, which made him quite approved of the marriage. Fortunately, although his son-in-law was a carpenter, he was quite ambitious and filial, so he built a room in the fishing village.
Xin Wang once heard that there were many treasures hidden in Wang Xiaolian’s house. He tried to take away Wang Xiaolian’s family business and drove her out. He spent many days and nights looking around in his palace to find clues to the treasure, but he still found one.
Now these soldiers have come to name the Wang family’s toolbox. What is it? Is it because of this wealth? Xin Wang shook his head and denied it immediately after his eyes turned several times.
Hou Jun saw Xin Wang eyes going round and round and couldn’t help but sneer at a wave of his hand. "Search! “
"The ye this is a private house you can’t trespass! "Xin Wang said.
"Putian Murphy king soil you this is to resist the big sui positions command? "said Hou jun step stared at him.
Xin Wang’s lips moved a few times and he couldn’t help but retreat two steps. In addition to Hou Jun’s pressure to give him too much shit, he couldn’t help but wipe his forehead and sweat.
"Private residence? The general now suspects that you are a secret agent of Xiao Liangjun and wants to take you away for investigation! "Hou Jun out again.
Xin Wang discovered that he had hit the iron plate, and it was not enough for him to be the leader of catching fast in the county town. His face changed, and "burst" and he knelt down, and the army leader forgave me! “
"It’s too late for someone to tie him up and take him back! "Hou Jun hey hey smile in my heart, he has learned something from Qian Shan dugu’s mouth, and he took away Xin Wang, which is tantamount to pleasing Wang Xiaolian. Maybe this is a good investment.
Anyway, if you fail, you have nothing to lose. If you succeed, you will make a lot of money.
Xin Wang heard Hou Jun’s words and looked at his bloody brother, who collapsed like mud. "It’s over!" How can that nemesis girl have such a big backer?
Hou Jun waved his hand and the soldiers searched around for half an hour later, several soldiers found a box with a rotten smell in the room, and found a parchment inside. After comparison, Hou Jun found that he was looking for something. He put the parchment in his arms and laughed. "Go home!
Dock Tun Yang You had already eaten dinner, and the water village was pacing. He was thinking about attacking Jiangling and Wang Xiaolian was sitting on a soft pier, sewing a dress carefully with a needle and thread in his hand. Yang You turned half a ring to comfort the soldiers and returned to the house to sit.
I just read a passage in which Xiao Gui came over and told me that "General Bi Hou is back!"
"Let him in!" Yang You commanded to get up.
Moments later, Hou Jun came with several soldiers, and the soldiers came in with the Xin Wang brothers tied firmly. After that, Hou Jun saluted, "I finally lived up to my mission." Said Hou Jun, holding a scroll in his hands.
Yang You took the scroll in his hand and showed it. Although some scrolls were damp and moldy, on the whole, there was no defect in the scroll. Yang You handed it to Xiaogui, "Be careful when baking with fire when you are damp."
Small laurel should take back to Yang You and look at the bound two people and ask, "Who are they?"
"They live in the Wang family mansion" Hou Jun said they pay attention to the wording.
"Oh?" Yang You smiled and looked back at Wang Xiaolian’s way, "Nelly, come and see if it’s them."
Wang Xiaolian put down her clothes, needle and thread, and tiptoed over to see Xin Wang. "Uncle?"
Xin Wang and Alvin Wong brothers looked at Wang Xiaolian and shouted, "My niece, let us go!"
Wang Xiaolian clenched her teeth and trembled. Although they were their uncles, they drove themselves out of the Wangs and lived on the streets from now on. If she hadn’t met Yang You, she would probably have died.
"We were wrong before the good niece. We’ll take you home and find you a good man!" Alvin Wong shouted.
"Xiaolian is them?" Yang You asked.
Wang Xiaolian nodded silently and bit her lip. Yang You saw that she admitted that the Wangs were the same, saying that he couldn’t help sneering, "Drag it out and cut it!"
Xin Wang and Wang Jun cried like pigs, "Spare my life!"
"Good niece, please beg for mercy and spare us!"
Wang Xiaolian quickly said, "Can you spare them?"
"No, I hate ungrateful people the most!" Yang You coldly replied looking at Hou Jun and added, "Drag it out, cut it down and throw it into the Yangtze River to feed the fish!"
Hou Jun ordered a hey hey smile and ordered QinBing to take the Wangs out. After a while, he heard two screams and then died.
Yang You looked at Wang Xiaolian with a fidgety look and smiled. "You have to remember that if the world is strong, it will not be bullied, and sympathy is not aimed at everyone like them!"
Wang Xiaolian nodded silently, and she was a little frightened. She sat on a soft pier with a needle and thread in her hand. Yang You sighed and sat down, picked it up and looked at it for a while. Xiaogui came in with a parchment and said, "The moisture is all dry."
At the sight of the parchment dried by moisture in Yang You exhibition, the handwriting became clear. Yang You couldn’t help laughing. "Xuan Hou Aiqing, Qiu Aiqing and Du Aiqing are called Lei Shimeng again!"
Chapter 26 Once in power
Jiangling city
Dong Jingzhen has gradually taken control of the situation. Soldiers and ministers loyal to Xiao Xian have been raped, such as Su Huer and Guo Hua. In this situation, Lu Wangwan Zan, Xu Deji and others have also been forced by Dong Jingzhen to choose to take refuge in him.
At this time, it is already dark. Dong Jingzhen and Xu Xuanche patrol the soldier street to prevent possible changes. Dong Jingzhen and Xu Xuanche walk in the middle of the crowd. Xu Xuanche whispered, "I heard that Sui Jun won tens of thousands of military forces in our army and was almost wiped out."