Will those great magical powers help?

Of course it will.
If the mysterious man is a pure Terran enemy, the great magical powers are likely to stand by and be very happy.
It is he who should never, never have moved the idea of destroying the vast land, which is to make the whole world enemies.
At this moment, the whole flood people can get him, and no one will save him. Even Taoist friends in the past will turn against him now.
Doomed to die!
"This matter should be as soon as possible!"
"Otherwise, the longer it drags on, the bigger the variable will be."
"It’s hard to really give that man a chance to escape."
The mysterious man is so confident and self-oriented, obviously he is fully prepared and sure to resurrect in a very short time and get through the weak period quickly.
But this matter must not be delayed. It is best to find out his true identity before his resurrection and completely cut off his hope of resurrection.
When the wind blows in my heart, Zichen will go to the virtual deep battlefield to meet those great magical powers.
It was just as he was about to move that he suddenly remembered something, so he suddenly stopped and looked at the complete emptiness around the world tree
"This place still needs to be dealt with."
"Otherwise, if someone intrudes here by mistake, it will be in trouble."
Scan a circle wind zichen heart way
Or is it too powerful to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy?
If someone accidentally stepped into it, it would be extremely miserable.
Feng Zichen still has to decorate to isolate this place from the outside world.
If that’s the case, there are still people breaking into this place, so it’s worth pondering.
I don’t think I’ve wronged him
The wind moved in my heart, and Zichen offered a sacrifice to HarmonyOS Daozhong.
When ~ ~
Smell a bell ring.
I saw HarmonyOS overwhelming and turned into a huge purple net to completely cover this place and completely isolate it from the outside world
I believe that with this HarmonyOS gasification network, if the other party is not determined to enter the vicinity of the world tree, he will definitely not be able to wear the purple network.
"That would be great!"
Put away HarmonyOS Road Zhong Feng Zichen and transform herself into a purple HarmonyOS gas. Carefully cross the boundary and leave here.
If there is no power here, it will put an end to someone who may also want to leave here. The usual method is also different
Therefore, it is not.
Since we don’t talk about divorce again?
Only when HarmonyOS’s spirit is born with strength can it travel freely here.
As Feng Zichen walked through the boundary, the other two battlefields also changed.
First, the galaxy.
Seeing that the five chaotic fiends were defeated, the four chaotic fiends were directly pulled away from Pangu God-Man War.
The Pangu man of God did not stop this.
They are not chaotic fiends, and there is no point in staying. On the contrary, they will force the other side to break the larger foe and bring great trauma to the galaxy star.
It is the wind zichen who leaves them.
Another place
Around the Terran main battlefield
Chaos fiends saw the plan fail, but they also had great minds, so they fled to the sky one after another.
The great magical powers are naturally very reluctant to this.
But there’s nothing they can do.
There is little difference in strength between the two sides, and it is absolutely impossible for one party to escape from the other.
"Dear Taoist friends, please come to heaven for a chat. I have something important to discuss with you."
As they hesitated, the sound of the wind suddenly fell into their ears from outside.