In this way, the plain wind Zichen became the achievement of the innate Tao Zunjing.

After the strength became stronger, Feng Zichen finally had full confidence to explore the wild ancient fiend.
"Wild ancient fiend, let me see if you have a purpose in coming to the wild ancient continent at any cost?"
Talking wind Zichen has come to the wild ancient fiend to prepare the secret method to spy out his secret.
At this time, everything in the wild ancient fiend was transformed into a bad mountain by the wild ancient mainland, and the repression completely lost its perception of the outside world.
It can be said that Zichen has no sense of him as an ancient fiend.
But to be on the safe side, HarmonyOS’s spirit should be weakened before Zichen starts work, and the ancient fiend is really spiritual until he is really spiritual like a hairspring, and Zichen does not stop.
The wild ancient fiend is a true spirit, and Zichen’s hands are printed, and HarmonyOS’s spirit is surging. In front of him, a purple mirror is condensed.
This is HarmonyOS Baojian Feng Zichen’s own magical mirror, which can reflect everything in the past and present.
Brush …
HarmonyOS Baojian huffed and puffed out the purple light and slowly sank into the wild ancient fiend’s true spirit.
Soon after Yu Huang’s ancient fiend came to the Three Realms, all the memories were clearly reflected, and HarmonyOS’s treasure mirror was presented.
It was Feng Zichen who watched it several times and didn’t see him coming to the barren ancient continent from the memory of the barren ancient fiend, as if he had really strayed into this place.
"How is that possible?"
"Why not?"
After watching the wind several times, Zichen still got one.
"Good, good, wild ancient mainland really has a big secret so big that even wild ancient fiend should be very cautious and dare not leave any memory of it."
Of course, Feng Zichen won’t recognize that the wild ancient fiend really strayed into this place, so he does not have this memory in his memory.
Then there is only one possibility left. The ancient fiend can prevent the secrets of the ancient continent from leaking, and personally cut off the secret memory of this incarnation in the ancient continent.
However, the ancient fiend who crossed the wild goose and left the mark suddenly came to the wild and under the guise of Pangu’s name, the ancient mainland road was killed by Heaven, but it also attracted the attention of Heaven.
Therefore, Heaven secretly used means to bring the wind Zichen Di Jun to this place at the same time, intending to borrow his two hands to investigate the wild ancient fiend for this purpose.
"It’s also enough caution!"
Take back the ventilation zichen sigh a way
Wild ancient fiend has its own respect for out-of-bounds chaos, so it doesn’t matter if the memory of this incarnation is cut off. He can restore the cut-off memory at any time.
To do so would cut off the possibility that outsiders could spy out the secrets of this place from his memory.
However, although the ancient fiend is absolutely wild and cautious, Feng Zichen can also peep at some clues from his actions.
For example, it is only after reading the memory of the ancient fiend that Zichen realized that the cultivation method of the ancient mainland was actually a wild fiend.
The chaotic fiend and the ancient fiend want to waste the ancient mainland to practice dharma for the wild creatures?
What’s his purpose in doing this?
Feng Zichen doesn’t know this, but it doesn’t prevent him from finishing what the ancient fiend didn’t finish.
Wild ancient fiend inexplicably, this tunnel is by no means without eyes. It can make wild ancient fiend do so, and I’m afraid it can be secret here.
Although Feng Zichen doesn’t know how to do this, he can follow the gourd painting gourd ladle and continue to waste the ancient mainland road.
In the memory of the ancient fiend, he just drew the attention of heaven before the cultivation method took root, and was robbed of the world by extinction.
That is to say, he didn’t succeed in talking about the ancient fiend with a purpose. Now Feng Zichen will do all the things that the ancient fiend once did again, and maybe he can find the ancient fiend from it.
Read this wind Zichen doesn’t hesitate. First, the wild ancient fiend’s true spirit will impose a seal before leaving here.
The first thing Feng Zichen did when she became a congenital Taoist statue was that her great powers and magical powers distorted the cognition of all living things in the desolate ancient continent and changed the name of the desolate ancient continent to HarmonyOS.
And changed the name of Taoist priest from barren to HarmonyOS, so the history of barren mainland has changed.
All the years ago, the three realms were born, and there was heaven and there was the underworld, while the two were human realms.
The main area of the five continents in the human world is vast, and the aura of Tiantian is also an extremely rich holy place for monasticism.
Besides the five continents, there are many small islands floating in the vast ocean, and HarmonyOS mainland is one of these small islands.
Originally, the mainland of HarmonyOS had no name, and the creatures here were ignorant and could not practice dharma, but one day a strong man named HarmonyOS Daozun came across the ocean.
Seeing that the creatures here are ignorant and don’t know the true meaning of practice, the Taoist Buddha couldn’t bear it, so the cultivation method here instructed several creatures.
The practice of writing here was born, and thanks to HarmonyOS’s Daozun Daoen, the creatures here gave the name of HarmonyOS Daozun and the name of this land, the mainland of HarmonyOS.
Well, it makes perfect sense. Is this Feng Zichen’s new history of mainland HarmonyOS? Yu Huang ancient fiend, who is that? Never appeared or heard of.
Tampering with history, distorting cognition, this is the innate way of respecting power. In this way, Zichen completely replaced the ancient fiend and erased all his information.
This is also the reason why Pangu suppressed the long river. If he didn’t suppress the long river, he would revise history and distort his cognition when he was playing with those Taoists.
After that, if a new innate Taoist statue can be born?
The innate Taoist statue in front can easily block the promotion path of the strong in later generations by moving your fingers.
The whole universe was completely chaotic and became a playground of innate Tao Zun
The power of Tao Zun is too terrible, and if it is not restricted, it will inevitably lead to chaos.
After changing the history of the barren ancient mainland again, Feng Zichen, a HarmonyOS Taoist, performed his duties.
That is the Tao!
Since it has been recorded in the history of HarmonyOS mainland that HarmonyOS Dao Zun once said that all beings in HarmonyOS mainland were born, it is necessary for Zichen to take this point seriously, and all beings in HarmonyOS mainland are born.
Mount HarmonyOS!