Be timid before the war.

It’s not the style of returning to the market
They want revenge. They want revenge.
Want to take revenge?
The methods are all ready-made
Didn’t Sanqing, a source of congenital turbid air, create the Warcraft clan to push out the foundation of their heavenly magic road?
Well, they’ll follow suit, and a fairy orc will evolve from the innate clean air source to break the foundation of the celestial fairy road, and by the way, the world of Warcraft will compete
The two ethnic groups are just one clear, one turbid, one magic and one fairy, which are opposite and complementary.
With an idea in my heart, I will return to the market and start work directly. It is sooner rather than later to create the fairy beast clan.
Otherwise, what will the fairy beast clan take to compete with them when the world of Warcraft is firmly established?
By the head iron?
You can see that the deepest part of Guihui Market contains the demons of Guihui Market, which is surrounded by a group of innate clear air sources.
As the saying goes, the extremes meet, and the universe will eventually return to the market, and the most intense destructive gas in the world will naturally breed an amazing place.
And this is the origin of the world created by the demons and feet of Guihui.
Yu Tuan’s innate clear air source is sponsored by Feng Zichen’s friendship
Yinxing is so close to heaven. In recent years, Fengzichen has intentionally collected a lot of congenital clean air sources.
At this moment, I took it out and gave it to the demons who returned to the market so that they could clean up gallants.
In addition, Feng Zichen also gave them the first Tianbao 24-day-old violet to create fairy beasts.
Since Sanqing can make violet create Warcraft, the demons who return to the market can’t fall behind, so we must also make violet create fairy beasts.
It’s not just Sanqing that has a violet, but Zichen also has one and it’s stronger than Sanqing’s hand!
With the template of Sanqing’s creation of Warcraft, the process of creating the fairy beast clan by the demons returning to the market went smoothly.
The same way, the same process, the same magic weapon, the difference is that the source of congenital turbid air of the first Tianbao people has changed into the source of congenital clear air.
However, after a thousand years of kung fu, the fairy beast clan came back to the market.
The number of Warcraft clans is the same, and the number of newborn fairy beasts is also 129,600.
"Today, returning to the market, the demons feel that the World of Warcraft clan was born for fear of the imbalance between the immortal and the demon, so they deliberately set up the fairy beast clan to balance heaven and earth."
"Wang Tiandao Jian!"
Bring the fairy beast clan out of the market, and the demons return to the market to announce to heaven.
Suddenly, Heaven made sense of merit and fell towards two people.
Look at the number of merits. It’s no different to get merit points after three cleanups.
An angry sound came from Kunlun Mountain with amazing momentum, stirring up the border situation and shaking the world.
That’s Sanqing anger
Obviously, it is extremely angry that the demons who return to the market have created the Sanqing of the fairy beast clan.
Unfortunately, their anger was not banned by heaven, and their roots could not get out of Kunlun Mountain.
All they can do is be furious, and there is nothing to say but make people laugh.
At this time, even the big avatar couldn’t help laughing.
It’s really funny.
False is too much!
On this day, the two magic ancestors can work hard to catch Sanqing, and they are not afraid to be bald.