People can ignore these creatures, but heaven can’t.

He must be in charge
Where heaven tells these creatures to go, they will go, so that these creatures are dissatisfied with the distribution results, and it is not the blame of everyone, but the blame of heaven.
Who let this be heaven’s way?
If you don’t blame him, who else can blame?
After making a decision in my heart, several people joined hands to motivate Heaven to make the final decision.
I saw a flash of divine light, and all living things just disappeared.
Where did you go?
As far as merit is concerned, those who are profound go to the best central China, and then go to the second east to win China, and so on.
Those who have no merit or bear karma are assigned to several large and small islands outside the five continents
In this way, things have been solved perfectly, and the vast land has resumed its former excitement because of the return of creatures.
On this occasion, first, the amount of robbery has just passed, and the source of heaven and earth is sufficient. Second, heaven and earth are born again, and the innate aura is rich.
That is to say, the universe once again ushered in the prosperous time of uniting.
In this era, practicing immortality is really as simple as eating and drinking water.
Chapter one hundred Sanqing contribution
Isn’t that what it is?
The weather has been so strong that it can be inhaled only by breathing, let alone absorbed deliberately.
Pre-cultivation requires meditation and concentration to draw aura from that emptiness.
Now practice also needs careful concentration, but the purpose is to control the amount of reiki absorbed by oneself, which is exploded by the majestic reiki.
The gap is simply unreasonable. There are too many miscalculations.
In addition, it is worse than before, and hundreds of millions of years ago, people struggled to find out the truth of the rules.
But now you need to pay a little attention to clearly see the dense regular chains all over the world.
It can be said that in this era, even a pig can cultivate immortality and really catch up with the big environment.
It’s like the beginning of heaven and earth living in a general environment. The creatures in this world have really found a treasure. It’s not a fairy, but a fairy Jin Xian can easily prove it.
More than even that, it has almost been said that this era has achieved a hundred times and a thousand times more than before.
Such a special environment has also created a large number of masters. In just a few thousand years, there were more than one million immortals born in heaven and earth, and even more than a hundred immortals were born.
After another thousand years, even a statue of Da Luo Dao was born.
This environment is superior beyond the imagination of the world. Almost all Taoism is confined to martial arts, immortal Taoism, Dan Taoism, instrumental Taoism, magic Taoism, divine magic Taoism and so on, and dozens of cultivation Taoism have flourished in the wild world.
Long-lost practice!
Everything is recovering, everything is rising, and everyone who cares about the great powers of the universe knows that the prosperous time is really coming!
Later, even ordinary monks knew that prosperity was coming, and all orthodoxy was revived and the wilderness would return to its ancient glory.
In this era, everyone has a testimony that it is possible to walk in the right direction and be as holy as a dog. The era will come again.
Everyone is happy to see the scene that the universe is becoming more and more prosperous. One of the stars can’t help but frown tightly when he sees this behind the scenes.