Todd a listen to immediately urged "teacher younger brother fast track"

I looked forward to seeing Todd Luoyu’s face, and when I thought about it, I talked with confidence. "First of all, it is a pity that my brother returned to feather because of the dream of three hands. If so, he will be among the top three."
Todd a listen to indecision way "oh! Teacher younger brother is so determined? "
Luo Yu looked at a face of surprise, but there was suspicion in his eyes. Todd’s expression was still confident and then said, "Brother Tao, please think about a dream. Isn’t growing vegetables on the wall a good idea for high school?" Ermeng wears a hat and an umbrella, doesn’t it mean that senior brothers study hard and are prepared for trouble? Three beautiful women with dreams lie back to back together … Doesn’t it mean that it’s time for senior brother to turn over? Ha ha ha ~ ~ ~ "
Todd’s face turned red when he heard it!
Then he suddenly woke up and stood there.
A moment later, Todd showed remorse and angrily blamed himself. "No wonder the teacher didn’t want to teach me again three years ago. I’m so stupid. It’s a disgrace to my teacher’s name."
Luo Yu didn’t expect that he was making things up to make him feel so guilty. He hurriedly stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder and said with relief, "Brother Tao, if that’s the case, the teacher wouldn’t accept you again." Don’t blame yourself so much, it’s against the teacher’s expectation of you. "
Los feathers say that finish but secretly winked at the money shine.
Money shine look in the eyes suddenly understand meaning nodded and stretched out his hand over his push at the moment is blaming Todd "Todd grandpa said you are honest and honest, but also said that you lack is not learning but rough experience. Grandpa stopped studying three years ago and wanted you to go out and sharpen it. Unfortunately, you don’t understand. Tao Bo just wants you to return to the door. Don’t you know how to read Wan Li Road? Now you are depressed when you meet this small setback. Not only is Grandpa disappointed, but Shine Xiaoyu also looks down on you. "
Money shine with that, he ignored Todd and turned away angrily.
Todd suddenly looked up at Qian Linger Luoyu when he heard the end, while Luoyu smiled and nodded at Todd who had awakened at the moment.
Seeing this, Todd immediately changed his previous decline, and his eyes were determined and high-spirited. "Kohane Shine, you’re right … you’re going out to experience this peach blossom village. Although the scenery is beautiful and intoxicating, I want to go out and see the outside world. After three years, Kohane and I will meet in Quzhong City. At that time, you and I will go to autumn to try to compete for the champion."
Todd finished looking at Luoyu Luoyu and instantly caught Todd’s eyes and looked at Qian Linger. He smiled and stretched out his palm and said, "Junnuo is a high-five card."
When Todd saw the palm of his hand, he smiled, "It’s hard to forget a word."
Hands together, both of them laughing.
Chapter 15 Pianpian teenager plays down and out in a thousand songs.
Todd left, despite Taub’s hard persuasion, and finally his father and son had a big fight. He resolutely chose Taohua Village, which has lived here for more than ten years.
Luo Yu sent Shili Todd alone and repeatedly discouraged him from saying, "Xiao Yu doesn’t want to send it again."
Looking at the bruised cheeks in front of me, but smiling, Todd, this is the first time that Luo Yu has seen Brother Tao, who has always been loyal and filial, and Tao Bo is arguing endlessly! At this moment, Todd has decided to walk out of this valley and live up to the teacher’s expectations, but also his own unwillingness to be ordinary.
People always change in the future. What is the result? Luo Yu Todd didn’t think about it, because they chose their own direction.
See the feather heart way, "brother heard that these young hills in northern Xinjiang have been invaded by Yan from the north, and there are often bandits near the northern foot of Qingqing Mountain, and the dead are all teenagers. It’s very strange! I hope you can be more careful outside. "
Looking at a face of Cherokee feather Todd, he laughed unexpectedly and took out a pair of words! In front of a face of surprise, Luoyu posted her lips.
Los feather at heart andao’ I’ll go! Who says this guy is simple and honest? This word is all ready. Is this stupid?’
At the moment, Todd is very satisfied with Luo Yu’s expression. You know, since he was a child, he has never taken advantage of this fine little teacher younger brother. Seeing Luo Yu like this, he naturally feels comfortable.
Seeing this, Todd was in a good mood and touched his new beard, so he said behind his old hands, "Brother don’t worry, brother is ready."
Los feather saw Todd so suddenly laughed.
Todd also laughed. "Brother Kohane’s trip is going to go all the way along the Baihe River to the west and walk to Baidicheng in the opposite direction. It’s dangerous that you will have to pass through so many bandit sections after three years. It’s best and easy to pay more attention."
With that, Todd patted Luoyu’s shoulder and showed no color.
When Luo Yu saw it, he was free and easy. "Brother, don’t worry. Feather should be careful. It will be easy for you and me at that time. What if we meet each other?"
Todd a listen to suddenly one leng, this is he didn’t expect.
But Luo Yu’s eyes turned to smile and said, "Brother’s appearance and feathers are naturally recognized, but I’m afraid he won’t recognize me then."
Todd nodded and frowned. "That’s true. Is that good?"
When Todd asked Luo Yu, he held out his middle finger and said, "It’s easy to be a brother. Look, if I see my brother, I will hold out my middle finger. If you see him, you and I will know ~"
But Todd looked at Luoyu’s thumb and looked at it again. The other hand held out the middle finger and finally fixed it. He studied it for a moment. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and he always felt that it was strange to look at it, but he didn’t know what went wrong!
So Todd asked doubtfully, "Teacher younger brother … it’s a good idea for you to say this. How can I look weird when you hold out your middle finger?" I always feel that something is wrong? "
See Todd so ask los feather heart doubt andao "! ! Does the world also know the meaning of the middle finger? I don’t think so. ….. But it’s okay. I’m ready to gnome male-"~"
Think of this feather hurriedly a face of serious way "brother how can feel strange? Why didn’t I feel it? In fact, this finger represents a very simple meaning. The thumb represents that you are a big brother, the index finger is Linger, and the youngest feather ranks third. Naturally, it is a middle finger. Now do you think it is much better for me to extend the middle finger? "
Said the feather to a face suddenly realize Todd once again stretched out his middle finger Todd white implication suddenly feel different, especially know thumb on behalf of their own is very happy.
Seeing that he couldn’t stop nodding and smiling, he praised, "It’s reasonable to be reasonable. So many younger brothers are really smart ~"
See brother Tao fooled by himself. Luo Yu smiled hey hey.
Talking for a moment, Luo Yu put away his smile and bowed down and said, "Brother and younger brother will send it to you and my capital in three years. Take care all the way."
Todd smiled back at the sight and said, "See you soon, junior."
When Todd’s figure slowly disappears at the end of the road
Luo Yu withdrew her eyes and looked up at the sky, then exhaled a foul breath and muttered, "Brother Wen will meet us in the capital after the second and third years of the first martial arts."
In a blink of an eye, it’s the beginning of three summers
Taohuacun lotus pond house
A Tingting girl is in the gallery. At the moment, she is looking at the lotus flower in the lotus pond. Her eyes are stupid and she is obviously thinking about something.
Suddenly a man came behind him and asked, "Sister Linger is so unhappy?"
Money shine suddenly woke up and turned to see a handsome boy.
The teenager is seven feet tall, dressed in a Tsing Yi gown with a buckskin copper buckle belt around his waist. He looks slender and tall. His long black hair is wrapped around a green cloth belt at will, and it is free and easy to fall behind him. The strands of hair on his forehead fall with the breeze, which sets off a bright, clean, fair complexion, moist and handsome face. The edges and corners are divided into swords and eyebrows, and the nose is high. Those deep eyes are glowing with charming color and light soft light.
Money shine looking at what los feather moment is like a delusion.
Seeing Qian Linger staring at himself in a daze, Luo Yu suddenly laughed and scared, "What are you thinking?"
Money shine suddenly woke up guilty way "no! Nothing. "
Shy, she had to bow her head to hide her cheeks, which were already purplish and picturesque.
Los feather light’ oh’ as if I didn’t see it. I walked up to her and suddenly leaned down to find out! Surprised that she was hurrying backwards to avoid panic and almost fell down!
But at this time, the load of Luoyu pulled her back to the waist and asked doubtfully, "am I terrible?" How scared I am! "
At the moment, Qian Linger’s face was soaked with hongxia and quickly pushed it. At the moment, Luo Yu glared at a wry smile. "What do you care?" It’s sultry and heat-resistant! Can’t you? "
As soon as Luo Yu saw it, she spread her hands and said, "Okay, okay, you can say anything. Who makes you older than me?"
But when Qian Linger heard it, he suddenly became angry and said, "Do you think I am old?"
Los feather a listen to heart dark call a bad quickly shook his hands and denied that "no, no, no, I didn’t miss this idea. Sister Linger is just like …"
As she spoke, Luo Yu rubbed her nose and looked around for the metaphorical object. After searching for it for a long time, she didn’t see anything suitable. She said,’ Luo Yu, Luo Yu, you really go looking for trouble to dig a hole and jump by yourself …’
At this time, Qian Linger urged "Like what? Say it quickly! "